XRF988 X-Reflector Spain Come Join us!

Hosted By D-STAR SPAIN Users Group

Welcome To The XRF988 Hyper DX Reflector System. Come Join The D-Star Spain Team For A Wealth of Information and Fun..."

Linked Gateways/Reflectors
Inter A Module B Module C Spanish D Module E
REF018 D
REF075 B
XRF903 D
XRF945 D

Connected Clients
Callsign on module Type
EA7IYR listening Hotspot

Last Heard
Callsign Last TX on Source From Date-Time CET
EA7EOJ EA7EOJ XRF988 D REF018 200227-12:18:03
EA4BM EA4BM XRF988 D REF075 200227-12:16:00
EA4GZR EA4GZR XRF988 D REF075 200227-12:15:54
EA5DK EA5DK XRF988 D REF075 200227-12:10:04
EA3IR EA3IR XRF988 D REF018 200227-12:03:05
EA1CIU EA1CIU XRF988 D REF018 200227-11:59:00
EA2IP EA2IP XRF988 D REF018 200227-11:55:11
EB5FVH EB5FVH XRF988 D REF018 200227-11:41:25
EA7CI EA7CI XRF988 D XRF903 D 200227-10:15:20
EA5GTU EA5GTU XRF988 D REF018 200227-09:59:14
EA4AHF EA4AHF XRF988 D REF075 200227-09:52:12
M0IEI M0IEI XRF988 D REF075 200227-09:32:03
EB2EMZ EB2EMZ XRF988 D REF018 200227-09:25:41
EA7KJJ EA7KJJ XRF988 D REF018 200227-08:15:07
EA1PVC EA1PVC XRF988 D REF075 200227-08:00:09
EA4GIG EA4GIG XRF988 D REF075 200227-07:28:05
EA2AFZ EA2AFZ XRF988 D REF018 200227-07:11:48
EA2BJM EA2BJM XRF988 D REF075 200227-00:35:35
M0IRO M0IRO XRF988 D REF075 200227-00:22:09
EA5GSD EA5GSD XRF988 D REF018 200226-22:46:49
EA1CI EA1CI XRF988 D REF018 200226-22:14:34
EA4CM EA4CM XRF988 D REF018 200226-21:51:59
EA3RO EA3RO XRF988 D XRF945 D 200226-21:12:42
EA7KJB EA7KJB XRF988 D REF018 200226-21:02:35
EA7JBK EA7JBK XRF988 D REF075 200226-20:46:17
EA7HNR EA7HNR XRF988 D REF018 200226-20:42:54
EA1BL EA1BL XRF988 D REF075 200226-20:20:34
EA2RS EA2RS XRF988 D REF018 200226-20:20:12
EA7JTR EA7JTR XRF988 D REF018 200226-20:18:39
EA3GFA EA3GFA XRF988 D REF075 200226-19:58:54
EA1EOZ EA1EOZ XRF988 D REF018 200226-19:54:23
EA8OA EA8OA XRF988 D REF018 200226-19:39:23
EA3ABN EA3ABN XRF988 D XRF903 D 200226-19:06:38
EA1VIL EA1VIL XRF988 D REF075 200226-18:19:35
EA7GSP EA7GSP XRF988 D REF075 200226-17:57:55
EB6ACD EB6ACD XRF988 D REF018 200226-16:50:11
EB7FAO EB7FAO XRF988 D REF018 200226-16:27:30
EA7JML EA7JML XRF988 D REF018 200226-16:06:35
EA4BJV EA4BJV XRF988 D REF075 200226-15:52:03

Status as of Thu Feb 27 12:29:04 2020 CET
Dashboard Version 3 EA7IYR
Server Uptime: 4 days, 1 hours and 53 minutes